Valentina Gizzi dans Börsen Zeitung à propos du nouveau Conseil d’Administration de Sandoz

Valentina Gizzi, présidente du Cercle Suisse des Administratrices, a récemment été interviewée par le Börsen Zeitung à propos du nouveau Conseil d’Administration de Sandoz.

Valentina Gizzi à propos du conseil d'administration de Sandoz

Voici son commentaire :

“I was interviewed by Daniel Zulauf for Börsen Zeitung concerning the new Board members of Sandoz announced on May 15th 2023. Novartis will complete the spin off of Sandoz by Q3 2023, and this new company will focus on generics and biosimilars.

The generics market presents pockets of opportunities in OTC and fast consumer health, as well as challenges for their bulk prescribed products, in developing a leaner and less costly supply chain to respond to the global increasing demand. We observe a common thread in the new boards members FMCG background, definitely a worthy experience for the future challenges and opportunities that the company is facing.
I applaud the diversity of profile in terms of age, nationality and gender.

Spencer Stuart has recently released a very interesting report on the SMI companies’ boards and the recently appointed Sandoz board will be more gender balanced with 40% of women director, versus 33% of the SMI average.”

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